Afroeuropean cultural heritage event (Rotterdam)

The European Year of Cultural Heritage provides the unique opportunity to reflect on the meaning of cultural heritage and its ever-changing and diverse nature. Our event puts a spotlight on talented artists who actively shape cultural forms that are neither exclusively ‘European’ nor ‘African’. They rather combine elements from the different cultures in which they grew up which cannot be put into boxes. Hence, the term ‘Afroeuropean cultural heritage’ captures the cultural interplay of so-called Afro and European cultures. Through this event, we will interrogate taken for granted notions of ‘culture’ and engage in a discussion about ‘Afroeuropean cultural heritage’ through the artistic contributions of Dutch artists. In order to achieve this, we thus aim to bring together diverse local talent and explore the creative expressions and legacy of the African diaspora in the Netherlands.

Locatie: Rotterdam
Datum: 15 december 2018

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  • 15 december 2018