Berlin Call to Action: sign, support and share

The 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage marks a turning point for Europe’s ever-growing movement for cultural heritage. We must build on this momentum to recognize and unfold the positive and cohesive power of our shared cultural heritage and values to connect Europe’s citizens and communities and to give a deeper meaning to the entire European project. The time for action is now.

This “Berlin Call to Action” is presented at the European Cultural Heritage Summit on 22 June 2018 in Berlin by the 3 co-hosting organisations, namely EUROPA NOSTRA – the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe, the German Cultural Heritage Committee (DNK) acting as national coordinator of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Germany and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK) based in Berlin.

In the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH), the first European Cultural Heritage Summit held from 18-24 June 2018 in Berlin brought together numerous citizens and organisations from across Europe. This “Berlin Call to Action” draws its inspiration and legitimacy from the expertise, enthusiasm and engagement of all those women and men who care for cultural heritage (tangible, intangible and digital) and who dedicate their expertise, time and energy, as professionals or volunteers, to ensure the transmission of this heritage to future generations. The economic value of their work is significant; its social and cultural value is priceless.

The “Berlin Call to Action” also builds on the input and support of the EYCH national coordinators, members of the EYCH Stakeholders Committee, as well as of members of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3.

We now invite all those who care for Europe’s past, present and future to sign, support and widely share this Berlin Call to Action.

Read, sign and share the Berlin Call to Action