Maritime Heritage: Call for Stories

Favoriete maritieme erfgoed van Dries


Connected by water: European maritime heritage. 

Water plays an important part in European history. Products, people, cultures and ideas were once spread over the water to all corners of our continent and beyond. Maritime heritage is about the connection between people and water, and is an important part of our society. It concerns all tangible and non-tangible witnesses from the past, which we preserve, research and pass on to future generations.

During the European Year of Cultural Heritage we identify the meaning of maritime heritage to the general public, volunteers, experts and enthusiasts, with this campaign appeal:

What is your important and special example of maritime heritage?

Maybe it’s a shipwreck that was once excavated? Or one that is still under water? A sailing ship? A spectacular harbour front of the city where you live? Or a book, a song a story, or an object? It can be anything!

Send us a photo or video of the maritime heritage that excites you and tell us why. Please send it to Submitted photos and videos will be gathered and incorporated into the website You may submit until December 2018. Based on all entries, we will present the results at the end of 2018 as the starting point of a European maritime narrative.

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